Securely manage your Nextcoins!

Nextcoinbox is developed to help run the Nxt software in a safe and isolated environment, limiting the risk of loosing nextcoins due to malware. Two options are available below: a customised live CD, or a script to run in your favorite linux environment. Current version uses v0.4.7e. Updates will be published soon when the distribution channel of the software will be settled.

Option 1: Custom live CD

The live CD was built on a plain Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

When booted (be it a virtual machine or a computer), the live CD automatically starts the Nextcoin service, and opens a browser to let you access the wallet. Closing the browser halts the virtual machine. This gives a very smooth experience, try it now! (running nxt 0.5.7)

Download! (214Mb)

(sha256: 1a9428ab1aac796badbb2dde9d6d78ccb287cf471c578e82d48137555647260e)

Option 2: Automating script

The second is a script to run in your favorite linux environment, that will download the latest Nxt software, start a local nxt node, and open a browser window to access your wallet.

The only pre-requisite is that Java 7 is available. The only live CD with Java 7 I have found is Sabayon Linux Xfce 14.01 (1.4Gb).

I encourage you to use to script to run Nxt in a virtual machine having booted a live CD.

To run it, simply download this file and run it in a terminal (you need to be in the directory where you saved the file):


or alternatively, you can issue the following command in a terminal window:

wget -qO-  | bash

Securly manage and forge your Nextcoins

Running in an isolated environment, you limit the risk of malware getting access to your wallet.

Support this project

You like this project? Want to see it evolve? Feel free to support its development by donating Nextcoins to the account 5817701098347234807

Beta version

This is the first public release, and could contain bugs. You run this at your own risk.

Need support?

I'm available for hire if you need help setup your Nxt environment. Only small interventions under linux, and only Nxt payments are accepted. Send a mail to the gmail account rb2nxt